Picture-Speak (picture-speak.com) is an e-commerce site specializing in Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Pictures & Gif Animations.

More Information About Picture-Speak (High Quality Royalty-Free Imagery for all your Ads and Projects.):

Picture-Speak was founded on Dec 28th 2018.

It is located in the Alma city, in the Canadian Quebec Province.

Picture-Speak provides and sells a variety of exclusive royalty-free imagery such as:

Activities Animals Animations Apocalypse Autumn Boston Bridges Buildings Business Canada Caribbean Cars Cities Cityscapes Concepts Condos Daylight Downtown Electricity Energy Festivities Habitations Houses Hydro Industries Leisure Montreal Mysteries Niagara Nature Neighborhood Night Office Buildings Ontario Photo Montages Pylons Quebec Quebec City Residential Districts Resorts Sketch Images Special F/X Streets Summer Sunsets Texts Transports Travel Travel Destinations Twilight USA Vacations Winter & Workplaces.


Our website was created to promote Fair Photography for customers and for photographers.


Photography just doesn’t have to be painful for anyone.

We think price should stop dropping. If things continue like the big Agencies actually do them, photographers will just stop sending them their high quality images. Instead they will upload only low resolution and use these agencies as a promoting tool. They will then send customers to their own website, where they will sell their high quality Images at higher prices. On our website, we think our prices are reasonable and sustainable for everyone involved.

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